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Meet the original Founder - Cashmere Circle

Meet the original Founder

Tradition and innovation are blended throughout Cashmere Circle from our garment repair techniques to our cashmere wash, and where this blend has been most successful is with our founding team....

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Gau Natural - Cashmere Circle

Gau Natural

There has never been a more important time to choose the sustainable option than right now. When it comes to fashion, this means choosing natural fibres over synthetic.  Below, we...

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Fashion Crisis at a Glance - Cashmere Circle

Fashion Crisis at a Glance

We are living through an environmental crisis that experts have given us 10 years to address, or face irreversible damage. This we know. Less widely known, is that our fashion...

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Green Your Wardrobe - Cashmere Circle

Green Your Wardrobe

Keys Tips to Eternal Style The fashion industry is one of the main contributors to the current environmental crisis. The production of cheap garments made from destructive materials, which are...

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