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What is Circular Fashion?

What is Circular Fashion? - Cashmere Circle

Circular fashion is a sustainable approach to fashion production, consumption and disposal. It is an alternative to the traditional linear model of productions that follows 'take-make-waste'. In circular fashion, materials are kept in use for as long as possible by creating product lifecycles through reuse, remanufacture and upcycling. By doing so, less energy and resources are used during production and fewer products end up in landfill.

For example, cashmere provides an ideal material for circular fashion because it can easily be recycled or repurposed into new items. Cashmere sweaters can be unravelled and the yarn reused to create something entirely new. The same goes for other fabrics like wool, nylon or cotton – they can all be repurposed and given a new lease of life. At Cashmere Circle, we also offer the opportunity for cashmere garments to be invisibly mended, further extending the life of your favourite cashmere sweater.

Circular fashion is an increasingly popular trend, driven by consumers who are becoming more aware of their environmental impact when purchasing new clothing items. By buying from brands that embrace circular practices, customers can take comfort in knowing they are helping to reduce waste, energy and resources used in production.

On a larger scale, circular fashion helps to create a more sustainable future for the industry as a whole. There is potential for the model to become even more efficient with advancements in technologies such as 3D printing, which has been used to produce customised garments made from recycled materials. The opportunities for innovation are vast and could revolutionise how fashion is produced in the near future.