Modern aftercare for cashmere


Natural beauty that lasts.

With silhouette skimming softness and ultra-light warmth, cashmere has earned a lasting place in our wardrobes and weekend bags. Cherish what you have with our range of aftercare solutions. Bring back the natural beauty ‘as new’ time and time again.

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Join the conscious fashion movement

Fast fashion is damaging the environment. By consciously choosing to revive, repair and recycle your cashmere you’re supporting a growing move towards more responsible clothes ownership.


Pioneering garment washing, de-pilling and a full steam removes odours, impurities and returns the fibre back to like-new condition.

A spa service for your favourite cashmere!

Revive & Repair

Gentle cleaning and de-pilling to remove impurities and replump natural yarns. Our experts are also on hand to work their invisible magic on stains and holes.

A seamless service - Door-to-door collection and delivery options makes it easier than ever to care for your cashmere throughout the year.

recycled cashmere

Our collection of up-cycled cashmere gives life after love to garments beyond repair.

Begin the cashmere circle with beautifully, truly sustainable pieces crafted in the Scotland. Our products are made from 100% cashmere garments which have been lovingly washed, cut and re-made into this beautiful collection of baby items and accessories.

Cashmere Care Products

NEW: Cashmere Circle's own Eco Wash is NOW IN STOCK and available to buy online! infused with natural cedar-wood, our wash is a laundry cupboard essential.

Our full range of cashmere care products now includes moth boxes for the ultimate protection for your loved cashmere. Enjoy fresh as new again and again. 




The latest news from our circle of cashmere experts.

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