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Our Story

Our Story

Cashmere Circle

Cashmere Circle is a collective of cashmere designers, textile specialists and sustainability experts dedicated to cashmere care. Along with the queen of cashmere herself, Belinda Robertson we realised that more needed to be done to create a circular economy. Cashmere garments should be loved for longer and more easily recycled. 

We are here to provide the ultimate guidance on every aspect of cashmere. With cashmere wash and care products you can use at home, as well as a UK wide repair and revive service that fits easily into a busy lifestyle.  

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The Ultimate Fashion Fix

Our Values

Fashion is in the midst of a makeover. As an industry, it is the second highest polluter behind oil and gas.  An ugly truth.  Thanks to fast fashion it’s estimated around half of all items produced are disposed of in under a year.  While cashmere is 100% biodegradable, it’s far too precious a natural material to end up in landfill. 

Cared for appropriately, quality cashmere will retain its form for generations, getting softer the more it is used. No wonder cashmere items have earned the label ‘investment pieces’. 

As cashmere and luxury knitwear experts, we want to share our knowledge with you.  Helping you love for longer the beautiful pieces you already own. 

And then, when you’re truly finished with your cashmere, we’ll recycle any unwanted items so that the 100% natural yarns are kept out of landfill and can be re-generated and re-imagined in new and creative ways.

A fix for your clothes, the fashion industry and the planet.

Cashmere Circle

Core Founder

Tradition and innovation are blended throughout Cashmere Circle from our garment repair techniques to our cashmere wash, and where this blend has been most successful is with our founding team.

Knitwear industry icon Belinda Dickson, intent on driving greater sustainability into the industry she’d spent over three decades in, pulled together a team of experts to create Cashmere Circle.

Cashmere & Circularity

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