Cashmere will last for generations if shown the love it deserves. Embrace it, care for it, upcycle it, embrace it again
Ross Powell, Founder/CEO

Cashmere Circle is a collective of cashmere designers, textile specialists and sustainability experts, including the queen of cashmere herself, Belinda Robertson. Together, they realised that more needed to be done to create a circular economy, where cashmere garments are loved for longer and more easily recycled. 

The aim is to bring you the ultimate guidance on every aspect of cashmere care. With beauty-enhancing wash and care products you can use at home, as well as a UK wide repair and revive service that fits easily into a busy lifestyle.  

Cashmere has long been a stylish wardrobe staple. Here’s all the help you need to give your much-loved pieces the TLC they deserve. 

TLC for much-loved garments

Our Challenge

Fashion is easily one of the most creative industries on the planet. And creativity loves a challenge. Our challenge now is how do we remain stylish and fashionable without creating mountains of waste along the way? With our Life after Love cashmere recycling programme, you can donate your unwanted cashmere, and it will be diverted from landfill and re-imagined by our designers into something unique and exciting.

Our Values

The ultimate fashion fix.


Modern after-care for your cashmere.