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Cashmere Services

Choosing the right cashmere laundry service. Depending on whether your garment is damaged will determine the service you choose. If you item is damaged then it will require an initial repair. Prior to that, It will go through our specialist cashmere laundry service (revival). Above all, our specialist cashmere laundry will have your garment looking as good as new again.

Garment Repair

We offer different cashmere repair services to choose from. This can depend on the damage done to your garment. Invisible mending is perfect for smaller moth holes, whereas patching would be required for worn elbows or larger areas of damage.What is Invisible mending? Our luxury knitwear specialists in Scotland invisibly graft and mend any unsightly holes, weak seams or moth damage. Most importantly, they use traditional techniques honed over decades, which uses the yarn from your sweater to re-knit the damage.

Cashmere Laundry

Our specialist cashmere laundry: gentle washing, de-pilling and a wrinkle-reducing steam to remove odours and impurities. Most importantly, our service leaves each garment ‘like-new’ again and ready to wear or store away. The perfect choice for the end of a season, before you safely pack winter knits away or if you're a fan of cashmere all year around, this service can be used at any time.

4 easy steps

Choose your Service

Choose the service that is right for your cashmere. We can repair, revive or professionally launder your cashmere to return it to you as good as new.

Send your Cashmere

Pop your cashmere into a postage bag and your ready to go. Choose your preferred delivery method at checkout. Courier, drop off, self mail - your choice.

Invisible mending

Our luxury knitwear specialists remove any stains and invisibly graft and mend any unsightly holes, weak seams or moth damage using traditional techniques honed over decades.

Unwrap like new

Gentle washing depiling and a wrinkle reducing steam to remove odours and impurities, leaving each garment 'like new' again and ready to store away or wear.

Our UK wide courier service returns your item in a complimentary moth proof storage bag.

Real People, Real Results

It's hard to understand invisible mending unless you can see it for yourself. No patching, no darning - this is a highly skilled technique of repair that truly restores your cashmere.