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How to wash your cashmere?

How to wash your cashmere? - Cashmere Circle

Customers always ask us how to wash cashmere. Lots of people we speak to have encountered the dreaded shrinkage from the washing machine, or cashmere losing its shape from excessive handwashing. When it comes to cashmere laundry we have some expert advice that will help you to keep your cashmere looking like new. 

Cashmere is a delicate and luxurious fabric made from the soft undercoat of cashmere goats. While it is a durable material, it requires proper care to maintain its quality and longevity. We often recommend that your cashmere should be professional cleaned a couple of times per year. 

Use a professional 

Cashmere can be easily damaged by regular washing and drying. Professional cleaners use gentle cleaning methods and specialised detergents to protect the fibres and prevent damage. Cashmere is susceptible to staining, and removing stains can be tricky. Professional cleaners have the knowledge and expertise to safely remove stains without damaging the fabric. Gently lifting stains and bringing your cashmere back to new.

Cashmere is prized for its softness, and professional cleaning can help to maintain its luxurious feel. Professional cleaners use special detergents and techniques to keep the fabric soft and supple.

Washing Cashmere at home

We have spent years developing an at home cashmere care Eco Wash. It is both gentle enough for the most luxurious cashmere and environmentally friendly. Designed for use in the washing machine, once you follow the instructions, you can expect your cashmere and other woollens to look as fresh as new after cleaning. As a naturally breathable fabric, Cashmere doesn't need to be cleaned very often. Treat stains in isolation and for more difficult stains always send your cashmere for a professional laundry service instead of tackling the problem at home. 

Damaged Cashmere

Cashmere can be damaged during the washing process. If you spot any holes, read more about mending your cashmere with Cashmere Circle here. Our cashmere experts are always available to advise you on how best to repair your cashmere. 

Our Cashmere experts are always available to offer advice on laundry, repair, and storage of your cashmere garments, contact the team here.