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Keep your cashmere looking fabulous this winter

Keep your cashmere looking fabulous this winter - Cashmere Circle

With temperatures dipping, we're all reaching for our favourite cashmere pieces. Our cashmere experts have come together to share their insider tips and specialist advice to keep your cashmere looking fabulous this winter.

Layer Strategically:

Layer your cashmere carefully, using protective tissues or lightweight fabrics next to the skin to create a barrier between your cashmere and rougher garments or textures that could snag threads.

Avoid Embellishments:

To prevent your cashmere getting damaged, flip up or remove embroidered patches, exposed zippers, buttons or embellishments that make contact with the cashmere, as these get easily caught on the delicate weave.

Turn Cuffs/Hems:

Tuck longer knitwear pieces like sweaters under jackets, coats or vests, gently turning cuffs and hems inwards to protect the edges from catching and stretching out of shape on bracelets, watches, rings or nail snags.

Remove Wisely:

Be careful when putting on and taking off delicate cashmere. Try removing thicker layers first. Lift sweaters over head gently to not over-stretch especially around the neckline which can deform it's shape. Unbutton cardigans and twinsets before you take them off.

Inspect Closely:

Examine knits inside out before and after every wear; some pills and loose fuzz are inevitable but address small holes immediately before they worsen into big visible damage through the winter months. Addressing flaw fast helps cashmere hold its shape in the long run. Send your cashmere to Cashmere Circle for invisible repair

Store Properly:

Keep stored cashmere protected in breathable garment bags with cedar chips or lavender sachets laid flat not hung. Use tissue or wraps between stacked items. This prevents stretching plus keeps moths that thrive in warmth away from cozying into your precious knits while packed away.

With careful styling, preventative inspection, and proper off season storage, your cashmere can withstand winter’s hustle and bustle beautifully! Keep your cashmere looking fabulous this winter. Handwashing, air drying and professional steaming between wears helps revive shape too so follow care instructions faithfully.


With a little diligence your cashmere can last for decades of winters ahead resisting developing holes, tears, and deforming.


Get in touch if you're worried about your cashmere. Our team will always advise you on how to prevent moth damage, how to repair your cashmere and how to launder cashmere to avoid shrinkage