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Cashmere Full Revive & Repair - 1 - Cashmere Circle
Cashmere Full Revive & Repair - 1 - Cashmere Circle

Cashmere Full Revive & Repair

The ultimate cashmere repair and TLC package for your favourite knitwear items. Garments receive a full revival; including specialised cashmere dry clean, de-pill, and steam; each hole mended invisibly using artisan techniques.

If any of the holes are beyond the magic of invisible mending (generally larger than a 10p coin), we’ll call you to discuss alternative options before we go any further, unless you have opted for an 'alternative mend'.

Please note,  we cannot guarantee the successful removal of some particularly bad stains. Whilst we can remove most de-bobbling, garments with excessive bobbling may not be returned in "like-new" condition.


Number of Holes

Use the dropdown below to let us know how many holes your sweater has. If you'd rather we inspected your garment for holes please select our VIP Concierge Service

Number of Holes1

Cashmere Full Revive & Repair

£57.00 GBP

Cashmere Laundry & Moth Holes

It is worth highlighting that if your garment as moth damage, what you are seeing may not be every hole. Excess pilling and general condition may be masking other moth holes. During the specialised cashmere laundry process your garment is "cashmere" dry-cleaned; then it is sent through a steam tunnel which removes creases; and then fabric shaver/debobblers are used to remove any pilling. This process can reveal further moth holes that were previously hidden. We will be in touch to let you know if this is the case and request permission for additional repair.

The Repair Process

  • Choose the level of repair you require for each garment.
  • Select the right postage option for you.
  • Upon receiving your cashmere, should any garment be beyond repair, we will contact you to discuss alternative options. 
  • Your garment(s) will be returned within 3-5 weeks.

I’m not sure if my sweater can be repaired, what do I do?

Please feel free to speak to a member of the team on 0330 043 9535 or email us at

Do you only revive and repair 100% cashmere garments?

Our speciality is cashmere however we can repair any knitted natural fibre including wool, lambswool, alpaca and more! Get in touch with the team to discuss any other fine knitwear. (Any brand and any age.)

How long will it take until I get my garment back?

Repairing and reviving precious natural fibres like cashmere takes skill and time. To get your garment back to its best you should allow 3-4 weeks from when it arrives with the team in Scotland for our specialists to work their magic. 

What happens to my garment if it can’t be repaired?

If our specialist team believes that the repair you’ve requested isn’t possible we’ll get in touch to discuss your options. 

Will you be able to match the yarn and colour exactly?

Our technique allows us to use yarn from your original garment giving you a perfect colour match. If the size or quantity of the holes is such that we don’t think we can do them all, we’ll of course advise you in advance.

Shrunken Garments

Sadly once cashmere has been shrunk in the wash the damage has already been done to the fibres.

We don't have any service that will reverse this damage. Our only tip is to try soaking the garment in a a cashmere wash/water mix and then re-shape whilst damp.


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Get in touch

We are a small business but we do have live chat which you can access from the button at the bottom right of your screen.

We'll do our best to come back to you as soon as we can.

Why Cashmere Circle?

Environmental Committment

Our aim is to look after the cashmere garments that already exist. Keeping them out of landfill with careful care and creative recycling. Sustainability is woven into every fibre of our business. From our packaging to the ingredients in our Cashmere Wash. And, we promise to donate 1% of our gross revenue to grassroots environmental groups.

A Green Tomorrow

A business model for a Green Tomorrow. Hawick and the Borders was the global hub for cashmere and knitwear. The region is rich with skills and knowledge passed down through generations. Our focus on zero-waste circularity with emphasis on garment care and upcycling, introduces to the region a model of business more suited for a sustainable tomorrow.

Passing on Skills

For us all to support sustainable fashion, we must ensure the skills and expertise that once filled the mills of the region are not lost. Our lead repairers are those who have spent a lifetime working with international fashion brands. We're ensuring these skills are carried on the next generation by supporting knowledge transfer programmes to inspire a new generation to see the creative possibilities of sustainable fashion.

Highly skilled

Invisible Mending

Invisible mending is a fabric repair technique that re-weaves yarn into the fabric of a garment or item of upholstery to seamlessly patch a hole. The yarn is often discretely taken from other parts of the garment to allow for a perfect colour match.

Preparation is key

Moth damage

Don’t let moths ruin your wardrobe, by protecting your garments. Moth season kicks off in May and lasts all summer through to October and you’ll find them in dark, undisturbed places.

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If you have opted for self-postage. Please package up your item, add your order number to the outside of the package and send it to: Cashmere Circle, Dunbar Business Centre, Spott Road, Dunbar, East Lothian. EH42 1RS