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Cashmere and Fashion: an industry Overview with Apparel Insider

Cashmere and Fashion: an industry Overview with Apparel Insider - Cashmere Circle


We recently contributed to the Apparel Insider report on the Global Cashmere Industry. Cashmere and Fashion: an industry Overview with Apparel Insider. In this report we highlighted how Cashmere Circle can support individuals and brands to elongate the life of their cashmere through invisible report and professional laundry. You can read the full report here

Cashmere’s journey from exotic luxury to mainstream fashion staple has brought both opportunities and challenges for the global cashmere industry. This comprehensive industry report provides an in-depth look at the complex sustainability issues facing cashmere production and the efforts underway to drive positive change.


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The report highlights major concerns around cashmere’s environmental impact, including land degradation and desertification driven by overgrazing of cashmere goats. With goat numbers swelling to meet fashion demand, fragile ecosystems are under strain. The report also examines animal welfare risks, water scarcity concerns, and the carbon impacts of resource-intensive production methods.

However, the report strikes a hopeful note by profiling innovative initiatives aiming to make cashmere more sustainable. For example, the Sustainable Fibre Alliance’s certification program is promoting better grazing practices and giving herding communities a stronger market voice. New tech-led models are using satellite data to manage rangeland health. Brands like Peter Hahn underscore the importance of supply chain transparency, while Fair Trade Cashmere shows the value of deep community relationships.

The report- Cashmere and Fashion: an industry Overview with Apparel Insider emphasizes collective action, bringing together diverse industry players to enact solutions. Recommendations include supporting herding communities, implementing welfare standards, investing in processing technology, educating consumers, and boosting traceability. While challenges remain, the report highlights promising progress towards a more ethical, eco-friendly cashmere industry.

Ultimately, the report concludes that with care and vision, cashmere can retain its aura of luxury while benefitting both people and planet. But action must be swift and sweeping to redirect unsustainable practices. By confronting difficulties openly yet constructively, the global cashmere industry can become a model for enlightened, regenerative production. You can read the full report here.

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About Apparel Insider:

Apparel Insider publishes the very best industry content to provide essential reading for professionals and other interested stakeholders in the global apparel and textiles sectors. Their by-monthly printed magazine and website spotlight financial and sustainability issues in the global textile value chain. They look at how apparel businesses are performing financially, and what they are doing with regards to sustainability, including environmental and CSR performance and associated global supply chain challenges.