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Help! Moths in My Cashmere: Essential Steps to Tackle the Infestation

Help! Moths in My Cashmere: Essential Steps to Tackle the Infestation - Cashmere Circle

If you have moths in your cashmere, it's important to take immediate action to prevent further damage. Our team of cashmere experts have provided their top tips to help you to deal with moths in your wardrobe:


Quarantine the affected cashmere

Remove all infested cashmere items from your wardrobe and isolate them in a sealed plastic bag or airtight container. This step will prevent the moths from spreading to other garments.

Freeze the cashmere

Place the sealed bag or container in the freezer for a minimum of 72 hours. Extreme cold temperatures will kill any moth larvae or eggs present in the fabric. A good alternative is steaming, we have a range of great handheld steamers from The Steamery available here.

Thoroughly clean your wardrobe

Vacuum your closet and shelves to remove any moth larvae or eggs that might be present. Pay special attention to corners, crevices, and areas where you store your cashmere items.

Wash or dry clean your cashmere

After the freezing process, you should launder your cashmere. Cashmere Circle offers an innovative laundry process which has been designed to care for cashmere and remove stains as gently as possible. Garments undergo advanced ozone cleaning which remove 99.9% of bacteria, odour, and unwanted germs. Any items with particularly stubborn stains are sent to our dedicated spot cleaning stations, before undergoing a wet or dry clean cycle, followed by steaming. You can book a service here.

Store cashmere properly

Once your cashmere is clean and moth-free, store it properly to prevent future infestations. Place cashmere items in breathable garment bags or storage containers with moth repellents such as cedar balls or lavender sachets. Avoid using mothballs, as they contain harmful chemicals. We have a range of cashmere care products which are the most sustainable options available on the market right now. See our cashmere care range here.

Repair your cashmere

Repairing moth damage as soon as it occurs is important to maintain the quality and lifespan of your cashmere. At Cashmere Circle our team of cashmere experts use their incredible skills to hand repair all of our cashmere garments. We repair holes and tears in fabric seamlessly. Book your next service here.

Monitor and inspect regularly

Keep an eye on your cashmere collection and periodically check for any signs of moths or damage. Early detection is crucial for effective prevention.


For more advice on how to care for your cashmere, contact our cashmere experts here.


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