The ultimate fashion fix

Fashion is in the midst of a makeover. As an industry, it is the second largest polluter behind oil and gas.  An ugly truth.  Thanks to fast fashion it’s estimated around half of all items produced are disposed of in under a year. Sent to languish in landfill. No joy to be sparked there. 

Cared for appropriately, quality cashmere will retain its form for generations, getting softer the more it is used. No wonder cashmere items have earned the label ‘investment pieces’. 

As cashmere and luxury knitwear experts, we want to share our knowledge with you.  Helping you love for longer the beautiful pieces you already own. 

And then, when you’re truly finished with your cashmere, we’ll recycle any unwanted items so that the 100% natural yarns are kept out of landfill to be re-imagined and up-cycled in new and creative ways.

A fix for your clothes, the fashion industry and the planet. 

what drives us

Environmental Commitment

Our aim is to look after the cashmere garments that already exist. Keeping them out of landfill with careful care and creative recycling. Sustainability is woven into every fibre of our business. From our packaging to the ingredients in our Cashmere Wash. And, we promise to donate 1% of our gross revenue to grassroots environmental groups.

A Green Tomorrow

A business model for a Green Tomorrow. Our home of Hawick and the Borders was the global hub for cashmere and knitwear. Previously supplying luxury designer labels around the world, the region is rich with skills and knowledge passed down through generations. Our focus on zero-waste circularity with emphasis on garment care and upcycling, introducesto the region a model of business more suited for a sustainable tomorrow.

Passing on Skills

For Hawick, the historical home to luxury knitwear, to become the sustainable fashion hub we believe it can be, we must ensure the skills and expertise that once filled the mills of the region are not lost. All our repairs will be done in Hawick by those who have spent a lifetime working with international fashion brands. We're ensuring these skills are carried on the next generation by supporting knowledge transfer programmes to inspire a new generation to see the creative possibilities of sustainable fashion.

Repair & Revive

Modern after-care for your cashmere.


Why Cashmere Circle