Tradition and innovation are blended throughout Cashmere Circle from our garment repair techniques to our cashmere wash, and where this blend has been most successful is with our founding team.

Knitwear industry icon Belinda Dickson met Ross during his final year of university. Intent on driving greater sustainability into the industry she’d spent over three decades in, Belinda teamed up with environmental expert Ross to create Cashmere Circle.

Belinda dickson

The ‘Queen of Cashmere’, Belinda is a luxury knitwear expert boasting over 35 years’ experience in the cashmere industry. With her brand, Belinda Robertson Cashmere, she was an industry disrupter, bringing cashmere into the modern world with daring design and creativity, ensuring quality was never compromised.

A successful businesswoman, Belinda has sat on numerous boards and currently advises the board of the UK Fashion and Textiles Association driving an agenda of change and transformation within the industry.  


A graduate of The University of Edinburgh, Ross has a deep understanding of the causes and implications of the current environmental crisis. Passionate about engaging others in the environmental movement, he has been involved with the climate charity Protect Our Winters UK since its infancy and founded its now widespread coalition of outdoor sports clubs fighting to protect their futures.

As his mentor Belinda has guided Ross through the rollercoaster of founding and launching a business - a journey not for the faint of heart! 

Belinda and Ross’ goal is to promote true wardrobe sustainability by caring for the clothes we already own.


Blending traditional textiles skills of the Scottish Borders with an innovative model and modern technology, they hope to make a positive impact, not only for the planet, but also for the future of the Scottish Borders as the industry moves towards greater sustainability.

Ross: I LOVE hearing the amazing feedback we get from customers. Most of the feedback comes in via email, but occasionally I’ll get a direct phonecall and it provides such a nice boost - great to know we’re making people so happy!

What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know about?

Belinda: I swim every single day in the north sea come rain or shine - wetsuits a big no!

Ross: For a year in 2015 I was ranked number 1 in the UK for my general knowledge of the US sitcom How I Met Your Mother. My proudest achievement to date.