Autumn Refresh

With sweater weather soon upon us, are you ready for the much anticipated, annual return of Great British Knitwear?

The ceremonial swapping of linen shirts and summer skirts for our warmer layers and knitwear favourites. And the perfect opportunity to assess and freshen up your wardrobe for the season ahead.

Founder Ross, a tidy wardrobe obsessive and avid proponent of the seasonal wardrobe swap, gives his 9 tips for embracing this joyous seasonal event.:

Set the mood: We need energy, we need fun, we need music. This is not a sad farewell to Summer but a joyous bienvenue to Autumn. Some funk, some soul, some disco usually does the trick - we’re talking Bee Gees, we’re talking Diana Ross - you get the idea. 

Space: A nice amount of space is required to fully appreciate and assess your wardrobe. Bedroom a bit tight? Colonise the living room. This is your time. 

Clear: With the arena ready and the vibes set, it's time to get groovin'. Move everything from your wardrobe/clothes chair and lay it on the bed or floor in clothes groupings e.g. tops

Clean: A step oft overlooked but one that is crucial for combatting the dreaded clothes moth. With everything out, hoover every corner of your wardrobe and drawers, finishing with a final wipedown. 

Moth proof: Essential for keeping the moths away, remember to replace your Moth Box. If the old box is covered in moths there's a good chance some of your knitwear may be victim to these pesky pests. To be safe, arrange for a revival of your favourite pieces and we’ll inspect each one for any damage.

Assess: Wardrobe clean, its time to assess what you want your Autumn/Winter wardrobe to look like. Hold each item of clothing in your hands and ask yourself two questions: 

  • Have I worn this in the past year?
  • Does this bring me joy

If the answer is 'No' to both Q’s, pop the item in your non-wardrobe pile. From here, you can either donate it to us if it's a knitted piece, pop them on a second hand clothing site, or donate them to a charity shop. Anything but the bin.

Freshen: your knitwear is going to be the star of the show for the next three to four months so it's essential that they start the season fresh and moth free. The best way to freshen them up is to send them our way. We’ll inspect them for any summer moth damage, repair any holes, deep clean, revitalise the fibre and return them ready to rock the months ahead! You can use the code: AUTUMNREVIVAL to get your fifth item revived for free when you send in four. 

Sort: Return the items you love to the wardrobe, with winter pieces nearer the front and summery items towards the back, or better yet, stored out of sight until next spring. 

The process for a garment revival is about 3-4 weeks so you’ve got just about enough time to get yours looking and feeling great for the season ahead - follow the link here to get cracking! 

A wardrobe refresh is a cathartic experience that will set you up for the months ahead, feeling organised and ready to embrace the turning of the seasons.

What are your seasonal wardrobe tips?

Team Cashmere Circle

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