Green Friday 2021

A year ago today we launched Cashmere Circle.

A symbolic launch date that coincided with Black Friday: a day that doesn’t quite align with Cashmere Circle‘s values.  

So as we celebrate our anniversary on this Black Friday, lets enjoy a timely reminder of our founding values and have a look at the progress we’ve made driving greater sustainability into the knitwear and fashion industry.


Our number one aim is to repair as many garments as possible, to keep them in circulation for years to come.
Over the past 12 months, we’ve repaired nearly 300 garments.
The carbon savings of repairing, rather than buying new is significant. And our carbon saving by repairing these garments comes to more than 158 tonnes of C02 emissions.
 If, like me, 158t C02e doesn’t mean much in its rawest form, it is the equivalent of taking 31 cars off the road for an entire year. 

That's why our Value 1 is so important to us.

In addition to carbon savings, we have also been planting trees with our amazing partners TreeApp. 
Through our Fashion For Forests garment recycling project, for every garment donated, we have planted one tree in environmentally vulnerable areas across the world.
Thanks to your recycling efforts, we have planted 129 trees, helping to sequester carbon and support local biodiversity and communities.

Industry buy-in is so important if we are to make a meaningful difference. This is why launching our repair partnership with Johnstons of Elgin, the UK’s oldest and largest producer of knitwear, was such a huge deal!

With more brand partnerships in the pipeline with some seriously big names, it's hard not to feel like the fashion industry is waking up to the importance of repair.

And all of this has been made possible by those choosing embracing more conscious fashion choices.


Thank you


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